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Vinh Thuan Co Company Limited (VTC), founded

Vinh Thuan Co Company Limited (VTC), founded in the year 2003, is the leading manufacturer of professional "VTC" single-phase & three-phase Motors which comply with the ISO 9001 qualification.

VTC Motor is made from the automatic production lines with core materials and components directly imported from Taiwan. The cast iron frame of the Motor is forged at our factory by our experienced workers in order to satisfy the committed quality standards as well as get rid of outsourcing.
Some product's advantages are ideal efficiency, durability, power saving, noise reduction, least vibration and wide range of industrial & residential applications. Our Motors are so far highly rated and trusted by customers over years.
May we say a warm & big "THANK!!" to all loyal customers, clients, our work team, vendors, sale agents, friends and relatives that have been supporting us from time to time over decades.
Our expert team is committed to always create highest quality motors to fulfil a diverse range of customers' requirements and market's demands by constantly making improvement on product R&D, instantly response to market's trends, strongly competing, actively increasing market-shares for the business.
Our award-winning high quality "VTC Motors" today is of our long-term achievement through the Quality Commitment as well as Customer-Satisfied Services:

  • The VTC's Leader Board has been early commencing and practising the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) methodology into daily manufacturing processes.
  • Just one year after VTC was founded, VTC won the Year 2004 Gold Medal of "Vietnamese High Quality Products" awarded by Ministry of Industry.
    Our first achievement mentioned above was our whole company's  encouragement.
    It also proves that the selected ERP is the right choice for the business by the Board.
  • The following two years after, year 2006, VTC again proudly elected as "Vietnamese Business with Reputation & Quality Commitment" awarded by Ministry of Commerce.
  • Our highest achievement is the ISO 9001 (years 2006-2015) Qualification by UKAS Management Systems.
    The International Quality Certificate is the best evidence for our reputation & quality commitment on the "VTC" brand name, which have been guiding us to achieve the top peak of success in Business Management.


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